Success Stories

Ollaa bachar-Salameh

Ollaa Bachar-Salameh

Ollaa Bachar-Salameh, 36, married to Annan Salameh and a mother of two little angels, Sarah and Khaled. Born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Acre.Ollaa is the CEO of "Sibana Medical", which is developing research and products to prevent the absorption of fat after aesthetic procedures. Read more

Al Mutran Guest House

The story of: Iman Zuabi

Iman Zuabi, an accountant, had a dream – to open a guest house in Nazareth Read more


The story of: Luba Alterman

Luba Alterman, developed special methods and tools that transform chess into an exciting experience for children. Read more

Give ‘N’ receieve

The story of: Michal Laufer

After realizing that most games designed for children actually promote negative values Read more

Yaara Bakery

The story of: Najah Chier

Najah made her mission to make her daughter delicious gluten-free baked goods Read more