Jasmine Digital - Jasmine Digital

This program is the result of close collaboration with Bezeq. The program runs each year, since 2013, and is designed to join 200 business owners and job seekers, Jewish and Arab women with the purpose of strengthening the feminine presence in the Israeli economy, especially women who are coming from various sectors each year.


Many women, from various sectors such as: Arab women, new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia, Druze, Circassian and more face difficulties related to finding work and owning independent businesses. These difficulties include language barriers, discrimination, opposition based on cultural and traditional values and lack of equal opportunities. These women usually come from communities where there are educational gaps in digital training and basic computer skills.


The program’s main goal is to bridge the digital gap among Jewish and Arab women by offering professional training, knowledge and practical tools in computers, business management on the computer, marketing the business on social networks, online sales through virtual stores, creating and managing a business page on Facebook, management of Internet information about the business environment and more.


תכנית SAMA

Every year, approximately 200 Jewish and Arab women all over Israel participated in the program’s in 3 tracks:

(1) SAMA– 90 Jewish, Arab and Druze women all over Israel participate in the program and received deep training in computer skills, business management on the computer and online marketing;

(2) BASMA- 90 women from different sectors (Jewish, Arab, Druze, Circassian and Bedouin) completed the training of basic computer skills and how to use social networks;

(3) OLE– 20 academics participated in the fields of computer engineering, mathematics and management in OLE program that trains academics to act as instructors of online business marketing.